Satori Spiced Tiramisu

By: Betsy Kabaker
Photos: Kelly Mason

Tiramisu means “Pick Me Up” or “Cheer Me Up” in Italian, and that’s exactly what this Satori Spiced Tiramisu will do for you. This classic no-bake dessert gets jazzed up with the addition of Satori’s fast acting sustainably-sourced chocolate used in between rich layers of fluffy cream and coffee-soaked ladyfinger cookies. The infused chocolates can also be added decoratively on top of each serving for that extra wow factor and microdosed extra special goodness. Every square of chocolate has 10mg of THC and can be broken down into four 2.5 mg triangle pieces. I recommend starting with one triangle piece per portion. Satori’s new formula takes effect faster than traditional edibles, so you should notice effects more quickly. You can always eat more THC, but you can’t eat less!

This spin on the traditional dish has some not-so-traditional ingredients. We hope if you have an Italian grandmother, she will forgive us for putting cinnamon and nutmeg in the dish. We could all use a little extra spice in our lives these days, and the addition of warm fragrant spices offers up festive flavors for the holiday season. The real key is to make sure you buy only the freshest ingredients. The fresher the ingredients, the better your tiramisu will taste.

Be mindful to always label your infused desserts if you are to be serving this to others at a distanced dinner.


  • Brew espresso 15 minutes before starting the recipe and pour into a shallow bowl and put it in the refrigerator to cool
  • It’s better to set the dessert overnight


Makes 4 servings
Dosing: 2.5 THC per serving


  • Hand mixer
  • Two bowls
  • Rubber spatula
  • Piping bag or large ziplock bag
  • Presentation glasses of your choice
  • Grater for chocolate
  • (Optional) Sifter for cocoa


  • 1 Bar of Satori “Singles” Fast-Acting Dark or Milk Chocolate Bars (17g each), shaved
  • 1 cup Espresso or strong coffee from scratch
  • 2 Eggs (freshest eggs you can get)
  • 250g Mascarpone (1 cup)
  • 50g Sugar (4 Tablespoons)
  • 1 Package of Ladyfinger Cookies  
  • Cocoa for dusting
  • Holiday spices: cinnamon, nutmeg


  1. Brew a cup of Espresso or strong coffee and put it in the refrigerator to cool it down while you make the cream.
  1. Separate both eggs into whites and yolks. Be careful to not get any yolk in the egg white mixture.
  1. Combine the sugar with the egg yolks. Whip with a hand mixer until smooth.
  1. Add the Mascarpone to the sugar and egg yolk mixture. Mix until the cream is smooth. Put the mixture in the refrigerator while you whip the egg whites.
  1. Whisk egg whites with a hand mixer fitted with a whisk attachment at high speed until stiff peaks form. The egg whites are ready when you can turn the bowl over and they hold their shape.
  1. Take the cream out of the refrigerator. Fold the egg whites into the yolk cream. Put the combined mixture in a piping bag or large ziplock bag and put it in the refrigerator to chill.
  1. Take the coffee out of the refrigerator. It should be cool or at least room temperature.
  1. It’s now time to build your tiramisu. Get your presentation glasses ready. Dunk a ladyfinger in the cooled coffee for 3 seconds maximum and arrange in a layer in the bottom of the glass. You may have to break the ladyfingers into two or three pieces to get them to be the right size for your glass. I’ve found the layers are more pronounced when you push the cookie pieces gently against the glass with the back of a spoon.
  1. Next, cut one corner of your ziploc bag or piping bag with the cream in it. Pipe over the layer of ladyfingers with a layer of cream.
  2. Use a spoon or sifter to top the cream with a light layer of cocoa powder and holiday spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, allspice, cardamom. For extra zing, shave a bit of Satori’s chocolate squares onto the spice and cocoa layer. Each triangle is 2.5 mg, so if you grate a whole triangle into the tiramisu layers, its potency is 2.5mg of THC.
  3. Add another layer of ladyfingers dunked in coffee and add another cream layer until you reach the rim of the glass with a final layer of cream.
  1. Add some pizzazz to your beautiful dessert. Top off the cream with a dusting of cocoa powder and your desired spice mix and shaved Satori chocolate. If you don’t have a cheese grater or microplane to use to shave the chocolate, feel free to break the bar into pieces to find your desired dosing and place the chocolate pieces on top of each dish as a garnish. One small triangle is 2.5 mg.
  1. Place your finished desserts in the refrigerator for at least three hours for the flavors to meld. Or enjoy right away if you just can’t help yourself.