Expert Tips for a Romantic Valentine’s Day

Successfully bridging the worlds of cannabis and sex, Ashley Manta is an award-winning sex educator who coined the term “Cannasexual” in order to describe anyone who mindfully uses cannabis to enhance their sex life. A contributor to Leafly and DOPE magazine, Ashley has been profiled on VICELAND’s “Slutever,” and was recently named “Sexpert of the Year” at the January 2020 XBiz Awards.

We caught up with Ashley over the phone for her tips on how to plan a romantic evening that incorporates cannabis chocolate, sexy playlists and mood lighting. Heed her expert advice, and you’re likely to have an enjoyable, sexy, and fun Valentine’s Day!

Photo Credit: Dean Capture

How can edibles increase sensuality and intimacy?

Edibles tend to be more of a body sensation once they kick in, enhancing the way that touch feels, making touch feel much more erotic. However, the caveat to edibles is that you have to go really easy on them, and wait the full two hours for them to kick in. For that reason, combining edibles with date night requires a lot more planning. I would encourage folks to actually schedule sex, so you won’t be interupted and you have a few hours.

Can edibles function as an aphrodisiac?

I’m very skeptical of terms like ‘aphrodisiac’ because if you’re in a bad headspace, nothing that you eat or smoke is suddenly going to make you want to get sexy apropo of nothing, however, I think there is power in intention, so if you create a context that's conducive to feeling sexy and set an intention that oysters or durian fruit or that joint you're smoking is going to help get you in the mood, then your brain may respond accordingly.

Have you found chocolate to be something that connects with sex and sensuality?

Absolutely, chocolate has anandamide in it, and that works with your body’s endocannabinoid system, they call it “the bliss molecule.” It definitely increases sensuality—especially dark chocolate or cacao. During cacao ceremonies, people will drink dark, intense chocolate and use it as a heart-opener, chocolate does help us get into our heart space, which is pretty cool.

If you were planning the perfect Valentine’s Day sensual experience at home, how would you set the mood?

The first thing I would do is make sure I have the time, to really sink in so both people enjoy the experience thoroughly. I would definitely have incense, or something to make it smell good. Play with the lighting to add blue or red colors, or candlelight works, something to make it different than just darkness or your normal overhead lights. 

Then I would chat with your partner about what you want to co-create together, see where they’re at, are they looking for a more frenzied and energetic sexual connection, or if they’re looking for something more slow and lovemaking-style, which is lovely also. If one person is more stressed, I would definitely encourage them to take a hot shower or a bath while the other person gets the room ready. That can be a sweet way to take care of your partner while they are trying to make the transition into a sexy headspace. A massage is a great way to touch each other without making it explicitly sexual right away. 

I would encourage folks to think about what they’re consuming, what they want to get out of it, and consume just enough to get you where you’re going, but not too much. A five milligram edible is probably plenty for most people, just to get to a heightened sensual state but not feel really stoned to the point where they’re not able to feel connected anymore because they’re too high.

I also really love to incorporate playlists, put on a sensual playlist that’s slow, sexy and downtempo. I have a bunch of sex playlists—as you can probably imagine—they’re all on Spotify, my favorite one is called “Universe in a Teacup.” It’s really nice to be able to put on a playlist and let the music take you there. It helps you get out of your head and be present, feel the waves of the beats in your body and get sexy with each other!

Set the mood for a fantastic Valentine’s Day by lighting some candles before combining a low dose of Satori cannabis chocolate bites with Ashley’s chill playlists, and let us know how it goes! Our new fast-acting Strawberries in Milk Chocolate can cut down on the wait time and have you feeling sexy faster than traditional edibles, so get prepared for romance.