Ways to Enjoy Satori Chocolates This Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air! That’s right, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Got a hot date? Staying in with the one you love? Celebrating with your gals? Watching zombie movies alone and using pictures of couples as a dartboard?

Whatever your plans are, we’ve got a sweet deal at participating dispensaries to make sure we have all your love-day needs covered. And while eating our award-winning Chocolate-Covered Strawberries right out of the bag is just fine by us, we thought we’d share some fun ways to elevate your edible experience.

Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries

Is there a sexier snack out there than chocolate-covered strawberries? There’s just something about tart strawberries and smooth chocolate that just delight your senses. It’s also very easy to make (but you don’t need to admit that to your partner). Leftover melted chocolate? I don’t think we need to tell you what you can do with that.

Trail Mix

Going on a hike with some friends? Pack individual containers of trail mix with Satori Chocolate Bites mixed in for the perfect edible snack on the go. It’s easy to control your exact dose, and your tired legs (and friends) will thank you.

Hot Chocolate

This time of year can be cold, even in California. So there’s nothing better than medicated hot chocolate when you're snuggled up with (or without!) your partner.

Giftable Popcorn

Need a quick and easy gift for a friend? We love snacking on Satori Chocolate Bites and popcorn while sitting back with a good movie. Mix in pink or red Valentine’s Day candies, put them into a little bag and you’ve got yourself a tasty hand-made gift (just make sure to write a little note about how many milligrams are inside).

Don’t Overthink It!

When we hear people say they hate Valentine’s Day, it’s usually because they put way too much pressure on themselves. It’s a day to say “I love you,” so don’t overthink it! Go stock up on some yummy edibles, order in, and just enjoy the day.

With all of these ideas, the dose is totally customizable. We recommend starting low and going slow, so you can try 2mgs and see how you feel and try more a couple hours later. One way to ruin a hot date is by eating too many edibles and falling asleep early (not that we have any first-hand knowledge of that or anything). Or, if you’re an edibles connoisseur and know your dose, we make it easy for you by having Satori Chocolate bites in microdosed options or 90mg bars that come precisely-scored. Either way, from all of us at Satori Chocolates, we hope you have a sweet Valentine’s Day.