Satori Dark Chocolate Bites are made with Cacao Fino de Aroma, one of the world's most highly sought cacaos. Our award-winning Organic Milk Chocolate is sustainably grown and crafted by our neighbors, master chocolatiers TCHO Chocolates. Satori Dark Chocolate Bars are made with delicious and rich TCHO 60.5% dark chocolate.


Satori is made with premium cannabis strains, grown in the California sun. The cannabis oil is then carefully extracted using the highest production standards by our friends at ABX / AbsoluteXtracts.

Coffee Beans

Satori COFFEE BEANS in DARK CHOCOLATE are made with organic Goat Rock Roast coffee beans from Taylor Maid Farms in Sebastopol, California for a dark, nutty, balanced flavor.


Satori WILD STRAWBERRIES in  MILK CHOCOLATE are made with hand-picked Italian Alpine wild strawberries rich in flavors and nutrients.


Satori HIGHBUSH BLUEBERRIES in  DARK CHOCOLATE are made with anti-oxidant packed blueberries from third-generation Washington berry farmers.

Salted CarAmel

Satori SALTED CARAMEL ALMONDS and SALTED CARAMEL CACAO BEANS in DARK CHOCOLATE are made with rich, hand-crafted caramel and sea salt.


Satori SALTED CARAMEL ALMONDS are made with California-grown almonds, and are good for heart, brain and immune health.


Satori SALTED CARAMEL CACAO BEANS in  DARK CHOCOLATE are made with high quality, sun-dried cacao beans and covered in chocolate.